Getting Away

How a Crazy Dream Became a Reality – A Memoir

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Getting Away

How a Crazy Dream Became a Reality 
 A Memoir

Getting Away - How a Crazy Dream became a Reality

A new life in the sunshine. The realities of the sea. Would this family of four survive following a dream?

Bay of Biscay, July 2002. Mitzie Ruffles was not impressed with her humans. Almost a year after the launch and their maiden voyage, the slightly alarmed dog watched as her mom (Ann) and dad (Mike) noticed an unusual swell coming their way. And as the storm turned into a gale force 9, Mitzie could smell the fear in the air.

Told through the eyes of their calm but cheeky, beloved pet, Mike and Ann’s real-life story started with the yearning for more than the repetitive grind of working nonstop but going nowhere.

 Recounting the ups and downs of boat building for their trip around the Mediterranean, you’ll wag your tail alongside Mitzie as you experience the terrors, traumas and laugh-out-loud moments of this courageous crew.

Will Mike, Ann, and their two four-legged companions overcome mishaps and realize their dreams?

Getting Away is an inspirational memoir about living the life you want. If you like relatable dreamers, unique canine points of view, and a mix of sanity and madness, then you’ll love Mike Ruffles’ maritime tale.

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