How the US Navy SEAL Backward Law Will Help You Escape the Rat Race

Backward law

The US Navy SEALs are renowned for their extraordinary mental and physical resilience in pursuing excellence. One foundational principle that guides them is known as the “Backward Law,” a concept initially articulated by philosopher Alan Watts. This counterintuitive philosophy teaches that the more we chase something, the more it eludes us. In essence, true success […]

What is the Rat Race: Understanding and Breaking Free from the Grind

What is the Rat Race

Introduction: In today’s fast-paced world, the term “rat race” is frequently used to describe the relentless pursuit of wealth, success, and societal approval. But what is the rat race? And why do so many people find themselves trapped within its confines? In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll delve into the origins of the rat race, its […]

How to Escape the Rat Race

How to Escape the Rat Race: Our 4-Step Process Escape the Rat Race: What If We Could Show You How? For decades, the traditional workstyle path has been ingrained in our culture: Go to school. Climb the corporate ladder. Save for retirement. Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labour.   Take me, for example. Ever […]

Step 4: Review

Step4: Review

Initial Review We completed the review your progress step after the sailing course and the Southampton Boat Show. Realising that our path had been shown to us, we ordered the study plans for the Spray 38 design from Bruce Roberts UK. Two weeks later, they arrived.  The first thing I did was take them to […]

Step 3: Taking Action

Step 3: Action

Here is where the real work starts; remember from step one: “Your energy cannot be steered if you are not exerting a massive action towards your outcome, towards your dream.” It is time to start steering your energy towards your goal. Start by doing the actions you listed in step two. Here’s Ann and my […]

Step 2: Planning for Success

Planning for Success

Your Ideal Day Having worked through Clarity you will have developed your ideal day, let me firstly share Ann and my ideal day. We both wrote this way back in October 1994. I wake up at 6:30 a.m. on another beautiful, warm summer’s day in mid-June. After my morning ritual, I step up into the […]