The Building of Ruffles Spray

This section of our website is all about the building of Ruffles Spray ,it includes the events that led up to the building of Ruffles Spray, the ups and the downs, the good and the not so good. You see in 1993 it seemed a good idea to build a yacht and then to sail the boat to the Med via the Bay of Biscay.

The thing was that we had never sailed before, never built a boat before, we knew nothing about sailing, boat building, fitting out, navigation or in fact all the stuff that goes into the making of a cruising yacht.

Since the launch of Ruffles Spray we have cruised France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece with shorted outings to other places. We’ve been Living Our Dream, meandering around the Mediterranean on a Sailboat since 2002. This part of our website is also proof that no matter how crazy your dream may be it’s possible to make that dream a reality.

Making the decision to go for it no matter what, to never, never, never, ever give up and to do what every person on this lovely planet is here to do:

“To be the best you can be in everything that you decide to do.”

Table of Contents
1. The Dream
2. A Plan is Made
3. Hull Steel Works
4. Hull Plating
5. Round Bilge Section
6. Deck and Super Structure
7. Hatches and Which Rig
8. Welding the Yacht
9. Those Quick Fabrication Jobs
10. Shotblast and Prime
11. Fitting Out
12. Engine Systems
13. A Sad Day
14. Painting Disasters
15. Hydraulic Steering Fiasco
16. Launch Day

Ann & Mike Ruffles
S/Y Ruffles Spray

Ruffles Spray

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