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Finding Freedom in a Hectic World

Greetings, tired travellers of the corporate jungle! If you’re feeling drained by the ceaseless grind of repetitive tasks and spirit-crushing routines, you’ve found your sanctuary. This blog is dedicated to the art of living aboard a sailboat, uncovering a life brimming with freedom and fulfilment. But is it really that wonderful? You can find out right here on this Blog.


Living Aboard a Sailboat Blog

Lefkas Canal Bridge

The History of the Lefkas Canal Bridge The Lefkas Canal Bridge, located in the Ionian Sea, connects the island of Lefkada to mainland Greece. Its history is rich and intertwined

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Fiscardo Kefalonia

Fiscardo, Kefalonia, Greece

A Short History of Fiscardo Fiscardo, a picturesque village located on the northern tip of Kefalonia, one of the largest Ionian Islands in Greece, boasts a rich history that reflects

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Junk Rigged Yacht Sail Well

History of the Modern Junk Rig Early Development and Traditional Origins The junk rig, a type of sail design traditionally used in Chinese and Southeast Asian waters, has a history

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Mayhem in Fiscardo

Thunderstorm in Meganisi

In-Depth Study: Why Thunderstorms in the Ionian Sea Happen Often Introduction The Ionian Sea, part of the Mediterranean Sea, is situated between southern Italy, including Sicily, to the west, Greece

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Tranquil Bay Anchorage

A History of Nidri and Vlicho Bay Nidri and Vlicho Bay are located on Lefkas Island (also known as Lefkada), part of the Ionian Islands in Greece. These areas are

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Paper Boat Race

Great little video from the Yearly Paper Boat race in Lefkas Marina: Discovering Lefkas Marina: A Gem in the Ionian Sea Nestled on the beautiful island of Lefkada in the

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